Sherlock Holmes

                Humans are very curious creature indeed. The desire to solve cases and untangle mysteries highly drives one person to enhance his deductive skills and become observant by nature.

                Fictional he may be, Sherlock Holmes is considered to be a virtuoso investigator. Possessing the ability to focus outside of exterior distractions, keen skill to predict and understand human behavior effortlessly and the thirst for solving mysteries are some of the traits that made him great.

                If humans are naturally curious about everything, I can say that Sherlock Holmes’ curiousity is on another new level. Although he’s said to be picky on the cases that he chooses to solve, he is very interested in solving other people’s cases. Challenging and mind-wrecking mysteries drives him to resolve them no matter what. This is where “no such thing is impossible” comes in. 

                   Reading Sherlock Holmes will really engaged readers to complete the puzzle laid out in the book. He taught us how not to make haste conclusion and to evaluate the things that we really know of. He drove us to constantly push boundaries and to always test our intelligence. 

                  Sherlock Holmes somehow influenced us to be observant. To see underneath the underneath. All cases are solvable no matter how impossible it may seem. We have to dissect each and every part of the case, unveil all the mysteries and witness the reasons behind it. Then bit by bit, step by step, the case will be done. The mysteries behind is finally displayed for all to see. 

                   Indeed, curiosity kills the cat but, satisfaction will bring it back to life. Sherlock Holmes’ inquisitiveness brought him great knowledge and edge about things that a normal person may not adopt. We, like Sherlock, must have the same keen observance that he possess and the skillfull deductive reasoning that he continuously enhance for it will greatly benefit us in the long term.                 



Dear Paul

Being a lawyer isn’t as rigid and technical as other people might think for one must be well-diverse, creative and open-minded enough to explore all the possibilities and mysteries in life. Being a lawyer does not only entail for a person to finish school but rather, he must have accepted the true meaning of each lessons he received and he must have engraved it to the deepest recesses of his heart and mind. He must be ready to face problems and be patient in achieving all his goals. Like the cases we have, unexpected turns can happen, evidences and circumstances aren’t always black and white and so is our lives. And to do this, he must cultivate his self into reading things that will well apply in his chosen career and be able to understand and appreciate things that surrounds him.